Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have customer quotes?

In the Sales Invoice Entry screen then is a check box to indicate if the document is a Quotation.  When you are ready to turn it in to an Invoice, just uncheck the box.

Do I have to use the point-of-sale, inventory and accounting?

No.  You can use the point-of-sale alone, the point-of-sale and accounting without the inventory control, the point-of-sale and inventory control without the accounting or the point-of-sale, inventory control and accounting.  The minimum would be the point-of-sale.

I have an old POS system that needs to be replaced. With RetailMagic do I have to add all my product, suppliers & customers manually?

No.  Most software either stores their data in a database or dataset or can export to a .csv file.  We use Excel to open and save the information.  This information is cleaned up in Excel and then imported to RetailMagic.

I want to have more than one computer to input sales. How does RetailMagic handle this?

RetailMagic can be networked with several other computers.  One computer is designated as the main computer while the others are designated as workstations.  New product categories and products are added to the main computer and, at the push of a button, this new information is distributed to the workstations.  At day end, the main computer collects the sales information from the sales workstations.

We sell gas and want to input the amount including tax. Does RetailMagic handle this?

Yes, RetailMagic, in the Setup Product, has a check box to indicate that the input amount includes sales tax.

Why would I want RetailMagic?

With RetailMagic you pay for the software only once.  There are no annual update fees, all updates are free and available from within the software.

We know there are thousands of POS software packages out there.  Over 98% only deal with sales, funds on hand control, inventory control and maybe receivables. This means you must buy, and learn, an accounting software as well.  RetailMagic POS module handles all the POS functions including Receivables and, if you desire, add RetailMagic Accounting module which handles everything else including, Receivables, Payables, Bank Reconciliation, General Ledger and Financial Statements.  With both modules you only have to buy and learn one software package and never pay for an update.

What can I expect to pay in total?

Since every company has different needs as far as hardware, software, installation, training and support, it is impossible to quote a specific dollar amount.  Because of this we ask that you contact us so we can have a conversation about your specific needs and give you accurate numbers.

What kind of businesses use RetailMagic?

A wide variety of retailers use RetailMagic from one shop operations to retailers with multiple locations.  Click here for an extensive list. 

What do I need to operate RetailMagic?

RetailMagic requires a Windows PC (or Tablet) running an XP (or later) operating system.  We suggest 8GB of RAM and 250GB hard drive, but this is conservative as many current users have only 4GB of RAM.  One retailer that has been using the system for 14 years has a dataset that is less than 1 GB.

Additional hardware you can expect to need are cash drawer, receipt printer and scanner.  For printing reports you will want an inkjet or laser printer.  With the purchase of Smart Business Pack from Avanquest ($29.95) you can also print bar code labels. If you are planning on a seperate computer in the back, you will also need cabling between the two computers and a switch.

How can I purchase RetailMagic?

RetailMagic is only available through licensees. To find a licensee in your area, click here.

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